This isn’t social networking, it’s business networking – for the crash repair industry, globally.

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Secure Platform

Bring your internal or external group communications to RepairTalks.

Direct Communication

Share information; offer insights; and update business partners directly.

Easy Access

Connect to your RepairTalks dashboard using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Why Repair Talks?

RepairTalks offers a communication platform for industry stakeholders to work together collaboratively, respectfully and professionally. 

It enables users to share information; offer insights; and update business partners around the clock from a single responsive and secure platform.

Business Networking

RepairTalks takes the best bits of social media and physical networking to provide a professional, business-to-business communication platform.

Specialist User Groups

Establish and join secure user groups to share specific communications and generate transparent, two-way dialogue with stakeholders.

User-Generated Content

Communicate with select individuals or entire group networks safely and securely via a single source.

Personal Profiling

Create your own professional profile, with the option to sync with LinkedIn, and instantly communicate with the right people (based on their own data protection profiles).

News Feed

Keep your finger on the pulse with a regularly updated, aggregated news feed from across the industry.


Create, register and see who else is attending industry events and meetings.

Groups/Sub communities

One of the most exciting features of RepairTalks is the ability to create your own, secure group or become a member of other groups – public or private – dependent on your business needs, job role, speciality, location and personal interests. 

All groups have full functionality, including news feeds, comments, group experts, resource library, events, member directory and communications.

Specific Interests

Specific Interests

Select which groups you wish to be a member of based on your business needs and interests.



Open to all members.



Invite only for in-house, select stakeholders and specific interest communities.

Some Of Our Talkative Partners

Some Of Our Talkative Partners

Our Membership

Our Membership

Membership is free to those working within the collision repair industry. To join, please click on the link below using your business email and await approval. If you are using a generic email address such as gmail or icloud then you will be asked for supporting evidence prior to being accepted. If you are interested in setting up your own community or special interest group within the RepairTalks platform then please get in contact by emailing

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